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New Construction Inspections

Just Because it's New, Doesn't Mean it's Perfect

After your home has been constructed, it is important to ensure the finished product has been built without deficiencies. Multiple local municipality inspectors are required to review the builders work and may periodically visit the home during its construction of the home, however, they do not necessarily view the home once it has been completed to evaluate the finished product.

There are numerous discrepancies and errors that can occur in the final stages of construction prior to closing. Examples include forgetting to install insulation, cracks appearing in driveways, inadequate slope or drainage, dents in siding, improperly installed doors, improper water heater installation. Investing in the inspection can ensure that you find these problems prior to closing so that you are armed with the facts to ensure the builder corrects the issues prior to your assumption of ownership of the property.

New construction defects might include:

These are just some of the potential problems a home inspection for new construction could uncover. Though the downside to a home inspection is the cost at a time when your finances are unlikely to be in the best shape, not having a home inspection could end up costing you more.